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dave@friarblog —  October 28th, 2008 6:49 PM
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Since the first game is several weeks away, what better way to pass the time than to simulate basketball games! is an amazing site where you can quickly simulate teams from different time periods for all the major sports.  I decided to set up a little NCAA Bracket to see which Friar team would come out on top.  Unfortunately, only 16 past PC teams are available, and it mostly favors the most recent years.  However, the two big Final Four teams of 73 and 87 are there, and are looking to make another deep run.  Let’s go to the seedings!


#1. 1972-73

#16. 1999-00


#8. 2006-07

#9. 1998-99


#5. 2000-01

#12. 2005-06


#4. 1993-94

#13. 1983-84


#6. 2003-04

#11. 2007-08


#3. 1996-97

#14. 2001-02


#7. 1990-91

#10. 2002-03


#2. 1986-87

#15. 1982-83

Things To Watch

1.  The 1972-73 team is clearly the most dominating in the field, led by two Friar greats Marvin Barnes and Ernie DiGregorio.  However, they might have a slight disadvantage playing a fake game in the 21st century.  You see, the NCAA didn’t start the 3 point line until the early 80’s.  The WhatIfSports simulation algorithm must not let Marvin Barnes chuck up any threes because his stats say he never attempted any!  This might cause trouble if the squad falls behind late in the game.

2. God Shammgod and his Elite 8 96-97 team might run into a tough 2nd round matchup with Ryan Gomes and Marcus Douthit should they both advance.  According to the seeding commitee, the 2000-01 team got the #5 seed ahead of the 2003-04 team to make up for the atrocious error of getting the #10 seed in the real tournament.  Plus, the 01 team didn’t slowly unravel before our eyes to die a slow and painful death  — more of a quick and dirty exit.

3. There are three Ryan Gomeses in the tournament.  Hopefully all 3 will be All-American candidate Ryan Gomes, and not hang out by the 3 point line chuck up threes Ryan Gomes.  More importantly, hopefully one of Ryans will finally see a tournament win.

Check back tomorrow for the beginning games of  the first round, including box scores and breakdowns!

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