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dave@friarblog —  October 29th, 2008 7:13 PM
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In doing some research for the All-time Friar Teams Tournament, I was looking for a simple win/loss chart by season.  Sounds simple right?  I looked everywhere and could not find anything good.  The official site has an “archive” but it just links to the last several season’s results page.  I know I found the history of Big East standings somewhere on maybe a year ago, but I couldn’t seem to find it on their site anymore.

I forget what golden search term finally got me to what I was looking for, but I came across this site I had never seen before.

Seems like they have a ton of great data (aside from the fact that they think Tim Welsh is still the PC coach :P ).  The UI is really slick and easy to navigate.

Check out the landing page for Providence Basketball

I really like the “Stat of the Day” (Most 3’s in a game…Donte Wade!!).  I wonder if I can get an embeddable widget to put on the homepage.

They have alot of historical data too, and some neat charts that you can embed onto sites.

College Basketball Stats by

Definitely will be hitting this site up a ton once the season starts.

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