Did Anyone Else Ever Have This Glass? [Remembering the 80's]

dave@friarblog —  October 31st, 2008 5:03 AM
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When I was growing up, my parents somehow got a free glass from the gas station for pretty much every team in the Big East.  Apparently the gas station just gave them away when you got gas?  I have no idea.  All I know is I drank my OJ out of a different Big East glass every morning.

I had no feelings for the Providence glass.  I did not live in Providence, nor did I care about Providence College basketball.  Over the years, all these glasses broke EXCEPT for the PC one (it eventually broke years later, but it was the last man standing for a long long time).  Is that why I ended up going to Providence College?

Fast forward to 2006 or so….a friend from work somehow had another PC Getty glass and gave it to me as a gift because he knows I’m obsessed with PC Basketball.  So now I STILL have a PC Getty glass — Instead of rocking the OJ, I can now pound whiskey for those nerve wrecking games.

If anyone else out there has this glass, please let me know!

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