Friars To Have 11 Games on ESPN Full Court

dave@friarblog —  November 10th, 2008 4:08 PM
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Trying to find the 2008-09 ESPN Full Court Schedule before the season is like trying to not kill yourself after hearing “Saved By Zero” Toyota commercials over and over again.  For some odd reason, ESPN’s Full Court site doesn’t list the schedule even though their “Early Bird Special” ends in a few weeks.  The Comcast guy I spoke to was very helpful into trying to find out information for me, but no luck there either.

Well, ESPN must have just recently updated their schedule pages because now PC’s schedule has games marked as appearing on Full Court.

The Friars have 11 games (8 at home) on Full Court, all but one being a Big East Conference game (Boston College).

Here is the schedule:

12/20 @Boston College
12/31 St. John’s
1/3 DePaul
1/19 Cincinnati
1/28 Syracuse
1/31 @UCONN
2/4 Villanova
2/7 @West Virginia
2/14 Rutgers
2/21 Notre Dame
2/24 Pittsburgh

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