You Thought ESPN Had a Hard-on for Duke-UNC?

dave@friarblog —  November 12th, 2008 4:54 PM
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Whenever Duke plays UNC, they are usually both top ranked teams and the games are always entertaining.  I get it.  ESPN usually shoves these games down our throats ad nasuem.  Apparently CBS Sportsline has joined the circus.

I’ve been going to Sportsline every day to check out their conference previews and see what else Gary Parrish has to say.  They had a cool “Countdown until Season Tipoff” on the upper right side for the start of the “Coaches vs. Cancer” tournament, which was the first official college basketball game of the season.

Well I visited the site today and apparently they had nothing better to count down to.  Hence this unnecessary widget of sucktasticness.

Aside from the 85 other articles and pictures on the homepage relating to Duke and UNC, do we really need to know that their game is 90 fucking days away?  Are you telling me that for the next 3 months, there is not one better game we should be looking forward to?  I guess I better just go start eating Chalupas, Big Macs, and milkshakes every meal so I can go hibernate until its time to see a real basketball game.

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