Northeastern Spoils Debut for Keno Davis, Top Friars 70-66

dave@friarblog —  November 16th, 2008 9:15 PM
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I was so pumped for the game last night.  Unfortunately (or so I thought at the time), I was not going to be home to watch on the computer.  My cousin was having a party in Queens, so we left at exactly 7 of course (right at tipoff).  As I was driving in the pouring rain, I constantly kept checking my phone on for a score update.  So my passengers were complaining of the car “swaying”.  Oh well, its fucking college basketball season. This will surely not be the worst measure I will go through to get scores this season.  I will risk lives if its neccessary.

Since it wasn’t a ranked game, there was no live play-by-play update.  It seemed like the score changed once every 15 minutes, which was quite annoying.  Once I saw the score was close late in the first half, I got a horrible feeling the Friars were going to be in trouble.

So I’m having a good time at the party, putting down a few beers.  However, I know that in my pocket lurks the ultimate buzzkill (my phone, sickos).  I wonder what is worse…suffering through watching a potential awful loss by the Friars, or getting sporadic updates that keep bringing me bad news, attempting to bring me down at a fun party (yes I admit I need help, but hey I like sports).

During a conversation I do the casual taking out my phone and glance at it quickly move.  Down 5 points maybe mid-way through the 2nd half.  I do my best not to wince in agony and disgust.

At this point I just know the Friars aren’t going to pull this out.  I decided to wait a little while to check the final score. This time I check the phone in the bathroom (no one needs to see me cry).  70-66.  I can’t believe this just fucking happened.  Well, at least the toilet was near.  What a start to the year.

The game can be summed up with only two points.  21 Turnovers and 12-22 from the line.  Infuriorating.  It seems like nothing has changed over the past several years.  Thankfully, it’s still insanely early, and Keno Davis and the Friars have a lot of time to work out their flaws.  However, their OOC schedule now has zero room for error.  Here’s hoping the team takes about 1,000 practice foul shots before Tuesday.

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