Interesting Post From NBE Basketball Report in May ’06

dave@friarblog —  November 19th, 2008 8:05 PM
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In searching for something I came across this NBE Basketball Report post from May 29th, 2006 which was a “Look back at the 2005 BE Recruiting Class

The Providence ‘09 Class (of McDermott, Curry, Efejuku, and Kale) were ranked #4 on the list.  Here is what they had to say:

4) Providence College Friars: Another high-riser from the preseason. Although the Friars had a poor season, they were as competitive as they could be with their pared roster because of the play of a surprising 4-member class. It is true the the PC rookies were put in position to accrue better numbers than most of the conference newcomers, but guys liek Sharaud Curry and Geoff McDermott, despite being injured, showed they will be solid players in the conference. On occassion, Jon Kale also put up some workman-like efforts and Weyinmi Efejuku, although inconsistent, also had his moments. I can’t help put think this class might have reached their ceilings and others will gradually move past them, but based on play on the court, they have a pretty good head start. I am a little hesitant with them as I am not sold on their upside, but productivity and continuity counts heavily so far. We will see what happens next year.

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