Ladies and Gentleman, It’s the Marshon Brooks Show!

dave@friarblog —  November 21st, 2008 1:59 AM
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First of all, no live blog tonight…I had to run out at the last minute but followed the score on my trusty update-every-10-minutes stupid through my phone.

Final Score: 111-87

It shouldn’t even have been as close as that…the Friars led by 34 late in the game until they decided to let Sacred Heart score some pity points.

Just a quick recap…the Friars absolutely destroyed Sacred Heart tonight thanks to the season debut of the PROVIDENCE FRIAR THREE-POINT SHOW.  It’s good to see you again.  It’s been too long.

Specificially, Marshon Brooks does it again — this time outdoing his previous career night which occurred….oh… a mere 48 HOURS ago.  Marshon poured in 30 points (24 in the first half) on 11-15 shooting, nailing 5 of 8 from super downtown.  Oh and he had 5 steals.  IN 23 MINUTES.  I think he spent the other 17 minutes operating the scoreboard and announcing the game.  It was the first time a Friar scored over 30 since Randall Hanke against Northeastern in 2005.

As Joe Hasset put it, Brooks was “HOT AS A PISTOL”

Curry also had his best game of the season to date, scoring 15 points and hitting 3/4 from 3-point land.  He also had 8 assists.

McDermott was the leader of the glass, bringing down 13 boards while also chipping in 12 points.

More to come later tonight. recap

CBS Sportsline Recap

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