Friars Lose 72-56…At least they tried?

dave@friarblog —  November 28th, 2008 6:54 AM
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Not many positives to take out of this game, other than reiterating what the announcers kept saying — “The effort was there”, “They played”, yadda yadda yadda.  While Providence showed some heart in various spurts throughout the game, they couldn’t capitilize on Baylor’s mistakes, and could just not for the life of them get the lead to under 10.  Every time the Friars made a small run, Baylor quickly answered, or just watched as PC missed layup after layup and three-pointer after three-pointer.

(AP Photo/Mark Avery)

Overall, it was a difficult game to watch for several reasons.

1.  16-27 from the line.  9 of those courtesy of Geoff McDermott and Jonathan Kale.

2.  4-21 (.190) from behind the arc.  Live and die by the three continues. This time, they died.  A horrible, horrible death.

3.  A lot of missed close shots.  BUNNIES.  Maybe counted 5?

What’s even more frustrating, is that Baylor also shot 4-21 from behind the arc, and also shot pretty crappy from the line.  They had WAY more turnovers (20+), but it didn’t matter because Providence could not shoot the ball from anywhere on the court.  The fact that the Friars cut the lead to 8 with 2 minutes left was pretty amazing.  You aren’t going to be in many games shooting 32% from the field.

Providence plays Charlotte Friday night.

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