Readers on How To Fix PC Defense….Brilliant!

dave@friarblog —  December 2nd, 2008 3:06 AM
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In a online survey from today:

What can the PC Friars do to improve on defense?

Some responses from those clever folks!

  • “Put more pressure on the ball. Oh yea…get John Linehan back.”

    • Since he looked about 40 when he played here, he must look what, 50 now?
  • “Schedule more game with Broawn URI. They are easy to beat.”

    • ..and Brown is easy to spell.
  • “Stop the opposing team from putting the ball into the peach basket.”

    • Hmm, and how can I improve my weight loss? Stop fucking eating?
  • “Don’t you love Fr. Shanley’s new game of Keno? Should have put the $$$ in education, where it belongs!”

    • Oh, Keno the gambling game! I see what you did there.
  • “Play all division 2 schools. That way they can look good all the time.”

    • Or they can just play ugly teams all the time
  • “Bring back Marvin Barnes …. and give him his old tire iron!”

    • don’t forget to give him coke too!
  • “Stop the other teams from scoring more points than they do”

    • Hmm, do you know peach basket guy?
  • “Bring back Tim Welsh”

    • Can you say, honeymoon over?
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