"Randall Hanke is quietly having a solid season"….HUH?!?

dave@friarblog —  December 3rd, 2008 2:57 PM
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Found this little gem on the “UConn Huskies Basketball Blog”

Big East Power Rankings

16. Providence. They can score all they want but with a defense that horrible, they are in huge trouble. Teams are getting whatever they want. Geoff McDermott needs to step it up. They are playing hard but aren’t gelling and that’s not good with a new coach and a veteran roster. Randall Hanke is quietly having a solid season.

Wow dude, dead last?  I know the Friars are having a rough start so far, but dead last?  Behind RUTGERS?!? Did he just look at the standings and see PC at the bottom at 4-3?  Look, Providence is clearly struggling, but they lost to two Top-25 caliber teams (Baylor is now #24 in the AP, St. Mary’s is just outside on both polls).  Rutgers lost to St. Bonaventure and Lehigh at home.

I know I’m nitpicking because right now the Providence Friars are probably looking at 13th/14th position in the BEAST, and the bottom teams can all probably be interchanged.   It’s the principle damnit!

I can’t really be too upset with this, since this guy has clearly not seen the Friars play this season judging by his last sentence of:


Try telling this to a Friar fan and see if they don’t crack up in your face.  They might even think you are being condescending and punch you in the face!

Seriously, quietly having a solid season?  So quiet that opponents don’t even hear him as they blow right by for an easy layup.

Solid season? Solid as my stool after Taco Bell.

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