"Put ‘em in da Bathroom!" [More Preview Links]

dave@friarblog —  December 5th, 2008 8:44 PM
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No doubt Rhody the Ram will be staying home this year.  We wouldn’t want him to suffer another “alleged injury” now would we?  You’re gonna have to do more than  put your paw up to your horn if you wanna hear the game from the Ryan Center buddy.

Hey, you can even request to have Rhody appear at an event!  Wonder how many weddings he’s been to?

Anyway, here are some more PC-URI preview links for your consumption.

Projo SportsTalk – KMac Audio Preview

Paul Kenyon and Kevin McNamara speak about the impressive wins that each team had in its most recent game, and also talk about what they expect to see Saturday at The Dunk

Projo.com Hoops Blog – “Reynolds Picks the Friars”

Not that I necessarily think they’re better, but the game is at the Dunk. If it were at the Ryan Center I would like the Rams. Both teams are similar, in the fact they both want to push the ball, and both have defensive issues, especially inside.

But as big as the game is for both teams, it’s bigger for the Friars, who need it desperately to create the perception that this is a season to care about. That, and the fact it’s in the Dunk, should give them the edge.

So, you’re saying the game is at the Dunk?

Projo.com Hoops Blog – “Donaldson weighs in — What’s Keno gonna do?”

The best coaches match their team’s strengths to their opponent’s weaknesses and play in a style that best suits that particular game. Lesser coaches know only one way to play and stick with it, come hell or high water.

ANOTHER PROJO READER POLL – Who will win Saturday’s PC-URI game at The Dunk?

So far its PC 58 votes (29%) and URI 135 votes (69%).  THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! It’s Friday and my brain is already running on fumes.  I can’t even bring myself to read people’s comments in the projo poll, for fear of causing my brain to slightly hemorrhage and forget simple skills such as driving.  I need to drive tonight, so I can go pleasurably kill my brain cells while drinking (and obviously not driving home).

Projo.com – “PC, Rhody hoop teams may run up high scores at Dunk”

Providence College and the University of Rhode Island have met on the basketball court 120 times, and in those games a team has scored at least 90 points 19 times. The Rams have done it 12 times, the Friars seven.

And with that, here is the awesome clip from “A Bronx Tale” (caution: strong language).  PUT EM IN DA BATHROOM!!!


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