No TV make Friarblog go something something.

dave@friarblog —  December 6th, 2008 4:53 PM
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So, I don’t live in Rhode Island, so I can’t watch locally., the legal way to watch Friars games online, is not carrying the PC-URI game., the not-so-legal-but-not-shutdown-yet way to watch Friars games online, is also not carrying the game (probably because they steal the feed).

I doubt anyone on is from Rhode Island will be broadcasting the game.


I will not be able to watch the big PC-URI game.  I can probably get John and Joe on the radio broadcast, but I’m not so sure LIVE BLOGGING from just the audio will work so well.  So unfortunately, no live blog this afternoon.  Unless anyone reading this who can watch the game in URI wants me to put one up for them.  I can set it up and they can run the show.

Enjoy the weekend.

Go Friars!

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