The Calm Before the (Red) Storm [Links]

dave@friarblog —  December 17th, 2008 2:31 PM
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The Providence Friars finally return to action tonight (7PM vs. 1-8 Jackson State) after a 10 day exam break.  With no classes for three weeks, and the BIG EAST season only two weeks away, the Friars have to take care of business against two cupcakes and BC. Gamenotes

Jackson State enters Wednesday’s game with a 1-8 record. In their most recent game, the Tigers fell to defending national champion
Kansas, 86-62, on December 6. Jackson State was picked to finish first in the SWAC’s preseason poll. Although the Tigers have a 1-8 record, five-of-their-nine games this season have come against teams from BCS conferences, including ranked teams Kansas and Arizona State. Pregame Page – “PC hoping to fine-tune against Jackson State”

“It’s an important three-game set for us,” Davis said. “Our goal was to get better by conference, and we’re three games away. We have to take them one at a time, but it’s three games in six days, which is a busy stretch before we break for Christmas.” College Hoops Blog – “PC Set to Resume Schedule”

Two weeks from tomorrow, the Big East Conference schedule begins for the Providence Friars.

That may be a bit of a scary proposition for PC which owns a 6-3 record but has struggled to score against strong teams and owns defensive numbers (71.4 ppg and 44% FG allowed) that are dead last among Big East teams.

Pawtuckett Times – “Friars still working out the kinks”

The Red Storm descend upon Providence two weeks from today. In a worse-case scenario the Friars enter at 8-4. Best case, providing they knock off BC, is 9-3. Any way you slice it, this is a point in the season that cannot be overlooked.

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