The Associated Press Loves Sounding Out Efejuku in All Sorts of "Weys"

dave@friarblog —  December 18th, 2008 2:29 PM
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I don’t know why I find this so amusing.  I guess I’m just so used to Wey’s name that I don’t realize how difficult it must look to pronounce the first time you read it.

Every time Efejuku has a great game and his name is mentioned first, the Associated Press articles always sounds out the name for you.  If he had a smaller role in the game, theres only a 50/50 chance that you need to know how to prounounce his name.

The last two games Wey has been the star of the team…so we get two different ways to say it.

* Weyinmi Efejuku (WAY’-mee ehf-eh-JOO’-koo) scored 18 points to help Providence dispatch Jackson State 85-71 on Wednesday night.

* Weyinmi Efejuku (Way-In-Mee Eff-eh-Juke-Oo) scored a season-high 21 points and pulled down 8 rebounds as Providence edged in-state rival Rhode Island, 66-65, on Saturday.

Can’t wait to see whats next!

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