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dave@friarblog —  December 18th, 2008 7:18 PM
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Ah making fun of Boston College.  I really do miss them in the Big East.  At least we still have been playing them once a year.

Don’t know what Boston College is?  Let Urban Dictionary help you out!

I’ve picked out the good ones :)


Definition #9

A university (not college) located outside just outside of Boston where only 95% of the stereotypes regarding the student body and the Jesuit administration are true.


Boston College basketball player, “Come’on I have to get to my bookie so I can lay $50 on us to cover the spread on Sat.”

Boston College student, “Dude, I can’t believe that your not popping up that collar on the Lacoste polo.”

Boston College administrator, “We believe in supporting all lifestyles even those of people who are going to burn in hell or spend eternity in purgatory.”

Definition #10

A school where Bostonians are in a catch-22: They want to see a local college do well and compete in division one athletics, but since the school is comprised of douchebags, they secretly rejoice in BC’s constant failures.

See “Inferiority Complex,” “Douchebag,” “Roofies,” and “Date Rape” for further definitions

Example in a sentence:

“I went out on a date with this guy wearing a “salmon” polo shirt with the collar popped, and he took me to the Cheesecake Factory. After sipping my lemonade, I felt weird, and woke up in his dorm room without my dignity. I then realized he was enrolled at Boston College.”

Definition #11

oxymoron- not in boston and not a college…yet they still think they’re smarter than everyone else


random guy – Where do you go to school?
bc kid – I go to Boston College
random guy – you just lied to me twice. First your school is not in Boston, and second your university is not a college you fuckin fag.

Definition #12

a university outside of boston, whose top twenty-five-ranked men’s basketball team has no heart, no hustle, and is just plain embarassing to watch.


2007 Valentine’s Day massacre: Duke Destroys Boston College on BC’s home court

Definition #14

Anal sex with a woman who has never had conventional (i.e. vaginal) intercourse.

Because Boston College is a Catholic university, many of it’s students feel obliged to maintain their virginity, or at least *pretend* to do so. Therefore, situations that would often lead to conventional intercourse (a serious relationship, or a heavy drinking) often instead lead to other alternatives.


Have you gone all the with Tiffany?

No way, dude. She’s still a virgin. But I gave her a Boston College last night. It was sweet!


Definition #21

The University of Notre Dame’s waiting list.
Bill has been on the Notre Dame waiting list for four years, and has given up all hope of getting in. Luckily, Bill is a stupid prick, so he has been very happy at Boston College.

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