Deadspin on the "Civ Scream"…A Shocking college sporting tradition

dave@friarblog —  December 19th, 2008 8:02 PM
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Waxing Off: Undie Run, Naked Pogo-Sticking, And Darth Vader’s Boobs

Jess Mac:

I love Providence College with all my heart, but it is a sorry excuse for a Division I school. We don’t have a football team or a baseball team. We don’t have any chants besides “THIS SIDE GO…..THAT SIDE FRIARS….GO……….FRIARS” and our fight song is “When the Saints Go Marching In” (seriously). Our mascot is a man of the religious order for Christ’s sake AND hits more threes fucking around during timeouts than any of our starting guards. Perhaps the most disappointing shortcoming, however, is the fact that no one ever made up a lasting song or chant exalting God Shammgod (probably something about “thou shalt not have any other (Shamm)gods before me). So to make up for all of this, the PC study body concentrated on another favorite pastime.

Binge drinking.

One of the curriculum requirements at PC was a two-year long course in Western Civilization that was supposed to make us “well-rounded” and “good at Jeopardy.” All of the Civ exams were on the same day, so the night before at midnight Civ Scream would be held in the quad, pretty much just an excuse for all the upperclassmen who didn’t have the exam to get shitfaced and fill water balloons full of piss to throw at freshmen. Additionally, this was the chance for that quiet girl in your Advanced Writing class to funnel some Franzia before showing her tits as there was a vast array of streaking and flashing. The more modest streakers would don a mask (Darth Vader’s boobs bouncing around in the crisp spring air was surely someone’s fantasy) which was probably the smarter idea anyways, since the ubiquitous balloons of piss would inevitably end up hitting someone in the face, to massive applause. One year a girl decided it was a good idea to bring her pogo stick along as well. I’m positive that the Dominican fathers that founded our fair institution would have been thrilled to see a topless girl pogoing down the quad, forgetting the key fact that it’s always a terrible idea to pogo when you’re drunk. Inevitably she completely busted ass (also to massive applause), balloons were thrown, and somebody’s video of it made it to Collegehumor (I scoured that site and sadly couldn’t find it or the dignity I left behind).

So instead of the Undie Run, PC students suck down enough alcohol to kill Vince Wilfork, get naked, and pogo stick naked in front of the majority of the student body. Ahhhhh college.

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