Warning: Game may kontain traces of misst bunneh [Game Recap]

dave@friarblog —  December 21st, 2008 6:25 PM
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The dreaded missed bunnies problem reared its ugly cute head Saturday afternoon in Providence’s 81-76 loss to Boston College.  Providence shot a putrid 36% from the field, with a lot of those missed shots coming on super close layups.

One of the last offensive plays of the game pretty much summed up the Friars night.  After rallying back from a 14 point deficit with 4 minutes left, the Providence Friars suddenly found themselves down only 3 with the ball and only 30 seconds remaining (thanks to frantic defensive play from PC forcing a lot of BC turnovers and missed BC foul shots).  Geoff McDermott made a pretty pass to a wide open Brian McKenzie, who missed the bunny off the glass.  McDermott would get one of his five offensive rebounds, but couldn’t get the tip in to go.  Boston College regained possession and finally made some foul shots to put away the pesky Friars.

From Kevin McNamara’s game writeup:

“People are going to miss layups and miss shots,” said guard Jeff Xavier, PC’s leading scorer with 16 points. “The one thing you can blame it on is our effort. We didn’t have it for 40 minutes. We had to play like our backs were against the wall for 40 minutes instead of just three or four when we were down 10.”

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more on the Four Factors

Stats by StatSheet.com

Sometimes it just comes down to shooting percentage.

In the first half, both teams shot pretty poorly.  However the difference was that Boston College was dominating the offensive glass by a margin of 7-2.  BC had 9 more shot attempts.  The second half was a much different story, as the Friars completely dominated the glass by an offensive rebound margin of 15-2.  They created a lot of second chance opportunities, but it won’t make a difference if you simply can’t put the ball in the basket.

Both teams had a lot of trouble taking care of the ball, but most of the BC turnovers in the second half came at the last 4 minutes when the Friars started to continually press.  PC was consistent in turning over the ball pretty much the whole game.


For more information on advanced stats, check out Ken Pomeroy’s ‘Stats Explained’ and his ‘Stats Primer

Providence Offensive Rating by Half:

1st Half – 70.84

2nd Half – 106.21

Game: 90.72

BC Offensive Rating by Half:

1st Half – 97.77

2nd Half – 98.24

Game: 98.03

And the Friars first half woes continue.  This was the 4th time the Friars had an offensive rating in the 70’s or lower in the first half.  Having a very good 106 rating in the second half was just not good enough to overcome their poor first half.

BC’s 98.03 ORtg was the second lowest for an opponent in a loss

Northeastern – 106

Saint Mary’s – 103.8


Baylor – 93.5


Providence Effective FG % by Half:

1st Half – 35%

2nd Half – 41%

BC Effective FG % by Half:

1st Half – 40%

2nd Half – 59%


Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Josh Southern – The guy shoots 47% from the line all year and goes 7-8 and gets a key block at the end to seal the win.  He hit 5 foul shots in the last few minutes

Joe Tripani – All this coverage on Rice freed up Tripani – went 3-4 from three-point land and had 18 points.

Tyrese Rice – off shooting night (2-7 from downtown) and 7 turnovers, but still got 20 points and a lot of attention on defense.

Geoff McDermott – 6 turnovers and a lot of close misses down low.  The only thing giving him that extra bowl was his 11 rebounds (5 offensive).

Marshon Brooks – Like the rest of the Friars didn’t show up offensively until the last 6 minutes.  Scored 12 points in the end to almost help pull off the comeback.

Brian McKenzie – Down 3 with 30 seconds left, missed an open layup.

Sharaud Curry – 4 turnovers, poor shooting.  Offense did not flow with him at the point.


Friars.com [PDF]

Friars.com Gametracker




Projo.com – “More of same as slow start costs the Friars”

The Friars gradually improved in the second half but had managed only 50 points with six minutes to play. At that point, coach Keno Davis scrapped his defensive plans and slapped on a full-court press. The result was organized panic, with PC scoring some easy layups off BC turnovers and benefiting from the Eagles missing 9 of 14 free throws in a four-minute stretch.

After their final push for a Houdini-esque win fell short, the Friars were left shaking their heads.

Projo.com – “Bil Reynolds:Friars’ Davis has less-than-happy homecoming”

This is where Davis spent his childhood, right here on a house on Commonwealth Ave., a jump shot away from the main gates of Boston College. This is where his father was the coach, with his doctorate and his bounce passes, with his pressure defenses and the perception back then that Dr. Tom Davis was one of the bright lights of the college basketball world.

Boring-Ass AP Article

Boston Globe – “BC Thwarts Invasion”

“There was a lot of PC fans,” Skinner said. “But that’s fine. It’s our baskets. They could do all the shouting they wanted. The fact of the matter is these are our baskets.”

Boston Herald – “Nothing graceful about Boston College win”

Misdirected energy and clumsy execution turned yesterday’s game between Boston College and Providence at Conte Forum into something bearing more resemblance to a rugby scrum than a basketball contest.

But what the game, an 81-76 BC win, lacked in style it made up for in muscle and mayhem (51 fouls), including a tirade-fueled technical against first-year Providence coach Keno Davis.

Milford Daily News – “Boston College 81, Providence 76: Southern comfort”

With 29 seconds left, Providence was only down two, but couldn’t grab the lead, mainly because Southern was in the process of finishing off a 7-for-8 performance at the line. His five free throws (plus two rebounds and a block) in the last 29 seconds allowed BC (9-2) to withstand the storm, the one inside Conte Forum, 81-76.

The Sun Chronicle – “Eagles hold of PC”

From wire to wire, the Providence College Friars were chasing the Boston College Eagles.

As poorly as Providence played, the game was there for the taking, too, just a two-point deficit with 31 seconds left, then 28 seconds left to launch a three-point shot or create a three-point play.

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