Andy Katz Chatwrap (12/22/2008)

dave@friarblog —  December 23rd, 2008 5:22 PM
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ESPN Chatwrap

Some Big East tidbits:

Joe (Cuse): How badly will the loss to Clev. St. hurt the Orange come selection Sunday and how much noise can the Cuse make in March?

SportsNationAndy Katz: Not at all if the Orange keep winning road games like Memphis.


Steiny (NYC): Which of the following is the best basketball conference? ACC, SEC, Big 12, Pac 10, Big Ten, or the Big East?

SportsNationAndy Katz: The Big East still has four or five teams that could make it to Detroit. But the bottom of the league is dreadful. If I had to put it in an order today I would probably go Big East, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, Pac-10 and SEC.


chauncey (teaneck): What do you think of the state of the St. Johns basketball team?

SportsNationAndy Katz: Irrelevant.

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