Friars once again back to #12 in NBE Big East Power Poll

dave@friarblog —  December 29th, 2008 9:19 PM
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Poll for 12/29/08

1) Connecticut (7): 142 points.
2) Pittsburgh (2): 137 points.
3) Georgetown: 122 points.
4) Syracuse: 115 points.
5) Notre Dame: 98 points.
6) Villanova: 97 points.
7) Louisville: 90 points.
8: West Virginia: 89 points.
9) Marquette: 82 points.
10) Cincinnati: 58 points.
11) Seton Hall: 50 points.
12) PROVIDENCE : 43 points.
13) St. John’s: 42 points.
14) Rutgers: 28 points.
15) DePaul: 21 points.
16) South Florida: 10 points.

Hopefully PC can put some distance on the Johnnies with a big win against them on Wednesday!

Here is PC’s blurb among the “State of the League”:

Outside Looking In:

Providence- Starting the season with a loss to Northeastern made it look like the Friars were going to be one of the disappointing teams this season, but the other three losses in their 8-4 start were to Baylor, St. Mary’s, CA, and Boston College, three talented teams that could be in the NCAA tournament. They are a good team that goes a legit eight deep, but if they already have four losses, the Big East is going to treat them even more harshly. They will, however, be competitive like always, and upset a few teams.

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