BLACK OUT The Dunk vs. Syracuse on January 28th!

dave@friarblog —  December 30th, 2008 5:53 AM
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posted by Friar Dom, the Friar Mascot

Hey Friar fans!

First I’d like to thank all of you for coming out to the Dunk and following PC during the first half of the season. Now comes an exciting time of year, and that is the Big East schedule. While every game is a big game and a step closer to March, I wanted to take a second to highlight one game for our fans to put in the extra effort to make the Dunk a place that no opponent wants to play.

Syracuse comes to town on January 28; any fan of college basketball knows that while the Orange have made a splash on the court, they have had quite the year off the court as well. I feel that this game would be an ideal cause to rally the PC fans along with our student Friar Fanatics to BLACK OUT THE DUNK! While I normally communicate that message to our student fans for every game, I feel that this Syracuse team deserves quite the “welcoming” from Providence. A real good guys vs. bad guys type of thing, where our fans come out in the thousands to cheer on the good guys to victory.

I am calling on all you fans to come out to the Dunk that night dressed in your finest Friar black. I know that you all can do it, because it was against the Orange two years ago that we first busted out this tactic to a very good reception that resonated across the country on ESPN. To BLACK OUT THE DUNK will unify our devoted fans and our student Fanatics and create an atmosphere in the Dunk that cannot be rivaled anywhere else in the Big East or in the country.

Be loud, be intense, be a Fanatic. BLACK OUT THE DUNK, BLACK OUT THE ORANGE January 28!

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