Friars 2-0 in the BIG EAST after 62-54 win over DePaul

dave@friarblog —  January 4th, 2009 2:31 AM
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The Friars are now 2-0 in the BIG EAST after defeating DePaul at home by a score of 62-54.

Providence was in control most of the game, and led by as many as 12 after an unusual hot start.  DePaul clawed back and never let the game get too far out of reach.  With 10 minutes left, DePaul was able to cut the defecit to 1.  However, Geoff McDermott stepped up offensively and scored PC’s next 5 points.  DePaul continued to hang around, but PC was able to put them away with some clutch possessions.

Quick Points of the Game

- Sharaud Curry was the story in the first half, picking up 11 points and 4 rebounds.

- McDermott took control in the 2nd half when DePaul was threatening to make a comeback, hitting a long 3 and a nice jumper consecutively.   He finished with 11 points and 9 rebounds for the 2nd half (13 points, 10 rebounds overall)

- Weyinmi Efejuku played the role of a closer, swishing a key 3 pointer with 1:49 remaining to push the lead to 7, and converting on a wide open layup when DePaul forgot to guard him on an inbounds play.

- Providence shot 9-25 (36%) from behind the arc.

- DePaul’s sophomore star Dar Tucker only had 12 points on 4-17 shooting…DePaul shot only 20-57 (35%) from the field overall.

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Random TV Highlight

At the end of the game Shawna Hasset interviewed Efejuku and coach Davis.  Hasset asked Weyinmi:

“What are you going to say to your teammates after the win?”

Wey said something about saying what a great game they played and to work hard in practice.  The best was my wife’s response.

Mrs. Blog remarked, “Well That’s a pretty stupid question, dumbass [referring to Hasset]”


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