Three-pointers with John Rooke

dave@friarblog —  January 4th, 2009 7:52 PM
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“Three-pointers” is a quick-hit interview with notable people in FRIARTOWN on the current state of the Friars.

John Rooke, aka the “Voice of the Friars”, was kind enough to take part via email.

John Rooke is an award-winning broadcaster, currently serving in several broadcast capacities, including 20 years as the play-by-play voice for Providence College basketball; Big East Conference football and basketball play-by-play for ESPNU, ESPN Regional Television and the ISP Sports Network; stadium voice for the New England Patriots and New England Revolution; host for Inside the Big East on ESPNU and several regional sports networks and local TV stations; and talk host for the ESPN Radio Network and WEEI Radio in Boston.

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1. Friarblog: In your opinion, who has stood out the most on defense for the Friars recently?

John Rooke: Standing out the most on defense to me is Marshon…he can be such a disruptive presence at several positions on the floor.  Geoff McD is also playing tough in the post, and when Randall keeps his hands up – he can block shots and disrupt as well.  All positives.

2. Friarblog: The last Friar opponents have shot incredibly bad behind the arc (DePaul – 15%, St. John’s – 11%, Bryant – 21%, BC – 17%, URI – 20%).  Do you think these teams have just had off shooting nights, or do you think the Friars are doing a considerably better job defending the 3-ball?

John Rooke: It’s a little of both probably, but for the most part our perimeter defense HAS improved.  We’re doing a better job of getting out to wing shooters, by matching up in the zone with their best perimeter players, and that causes doubt (if not confusion) on the part of opposing offenses.  Thus, they have to work harder at getting open looks, and wear down by the end of games – that’s why second halves are so much more productive thus far.

3. Friarblog: What do you think is one area the Friars have to really improve / focus on for the Cincinnati game?

John Rooke: Defense is coming along – but now, getting out to a strong start is imperative on the road in this league…hit open looks, or at least, get to the FT line and force Cinci to come from behind.  Get out to a lead and get the crowd on the road out of it…keep battling on the boards – I really like the way the guards are rebounding, and if the shot isn’t falling, the way they try to contribute in other areas.

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