Three-pointers with Kevin McNamara

dave@friarblog —  January 5th, 2009 3:04 PM
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“Three-pointers” is a quick-hit interview with notable people in FRIARTOWN on the current state of the Friars.

Kevin McNamara covers sports and the Providence Friars for the Providence Journal.

His articles can all be found here

Kevin also contributes to the Projo College Hoops Blog

1.  Friarblog: In your opinion, who has stood out the most on defense for the Friars recently?

KMac: Jeff Xavier remains PC’s best on-ball defender. His size is always a detriment but he makes up for it with his toughness. His shot will return and the Friars will add a valuable player. Also, Marshon Brooks’ long arms will make him a valuable defender in the Big East. Lack of strength will hurt — but against many foes, and on the top of a press or zone, he can be a weapon.

2. Friarblog: Keno has used a bunch of different defensive sets this year.  How would you grade each one so far?

KMac: Man: C; Presses: B minus; Zone: Bplus. Not a surprise that a team that spent so much time in zone the last 2-3 years is back playing it when the games count. Zone against SJU and DePaul was very good. Give Keno a lot of credit for scouting these teams correctly. Also the box-and1 versus Dar Tucker was a great gamble that paid off nicely. Could pull that one out again (S. Florida, Dominque Jones; maybe Cincy with D. Vaughn).

3.  Friarblog: Let’s say the Friars are tied or down 1 against Cincy on Wednesday on the road.  Friars have the ball with the shot clock turned off.  What kind of play do you want to see, and who do you want taking that last shot?

KMac: Put the ball in Curry’s hands and let him create. With him, Weyinmi and Marshon Brooks the Friars have 3 guys who have a chance of beating their man off the dribble. Goes to show how much Curry would’ve helped a year ago.

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