Brick, are you saying that there’s a Three-Point party in your pants and that I’m invited? [Game Recaps]

dave@friarblog —  January 8th, 2009 4:20 AM
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In watching the game last night, I learned several things.  First of all, I MUST buy a Snuggie and an Eli Manning FATHEAD,  These two commercials must have been on a hundred times each.  I understand the Snuggie — blankets are awesome, as is laying on the couch with them.  But who the fuck on this planet owns a FatHead? Anyone?  Seriously, I have never seen such a weird product advertised so much on TV and the internet.  Have you ever heard of anyone owning one of these?  Or even considering buying one?  If you do, please slap them for me.

But oooh, they have Tony Romo FatHeads (warning: do not bring in the shower)!  I have a question though — does this FatHead just slowly peel off the wall during the month of December? Heyoooooooo!

Lifesize, and actually chokes just like in real life!

Ok, onto the Friars, who absolutely lit it up from behind the arc last night with 12 threes.  They have come a long way since struggling mightily from downtown in November and December.  With an 87-79 victory over the Cincinnati Bearcats, the Friars are now 3-0 in the BIG EAST.


more on the Four Factors

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- Once again, the Friars absolutely destroyed their opponent in eFG%.  Despite the big disparity thanks to red-hot Providence shooting, the game was still close in the last two minutes of the game.  How is that possible? As you can see, Cincinnati dominated the offensive glass (they were #1 in the nation in offensive rebounding % coming into the game) pulling down 19 offensive boards.  The Bearcats were able to get 21 second-chance points as a result.

- With Cincinatti’s tough inside game offsetting Providence’s super shooting, what was the difference?  Not turnovers — both had similar turnover numbers, and both scored 15 points off them.  Clearly, the foul line was a huge factor, especially in the 2nd half.  Cincinnati only took 7 foul shots each half (14 total, for those mathmatically challenged) — Weyinmi Efejuku had 14 foul shot attempts alone (he hit 11 of them)!!  The Friars went to the line 24 times in the second half, 28 times the entire game.

- The Friars superb FT rate of 53.9 ranks #3 for them in the season, behind the Dartmouth (66.7) and Jackson State (56.4) games.

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For more information on advanced stats, check out Ken Pomeroy’s ‘Stats Explained’ and his ‘Stats Primer


This seemed like a frantic game, and I was expecting a few more possessions.  The Friars pushed the ball a lot, and seemed to rush their shots during Cincinnati’s run to tie up the game.  Much different game than the DePaul victory (pace was a season low 63)

Providence Offensive Rating by Half:

1st Half – 123.9

2nd Half – 120.3

Game: 120

Really good looking numbers for the Friars here.  The efficiency rating for the game was their 6th best of the season (out of 15), right behind a bunch of cupcakes (Brown, Bryant, Sacred Heart, Maine, Dartmouth).  Clearly their best offensive effort versus a decent team.

Cincinnati’s Offensive Rating by Half:

1st Half – 99

2nd Half – 114.8

Game: 107.3

That 114 rating sure stands out like a sore thumb doesn’t it?  Also, the Bearcats’ 107 rating for a game was the Friars worse defensive effort so far this year.  Providence went from their two best defensive efficiencies of the entire year (76 vs. St. John’s, 85.5 vs. DePaul) to their worse all in BIG EAST play.

Providence Effective FG % by Half:

1st Half – 70%

2nd Half – 60%

Game: 65.4%

Best shooting night of the season for the Friars, thanks to 12 three-pointers.  The 65.4% narrowly edges their season best performance against Bryant, where PC had a 63.8 eFG%.

Cincinnati’s Effective FG % by Half:

1st Half – 43%

2nd Half – 53%

Game – 48%

The Friars finally let a BIG EAST team shoot over 40% eFG%!  Didn’t think that was going to last forever, now did you?


- Six different Friars hit three-pointers.  Hey Hanke and Kale — didn’t you get the invitation to the three-point party?

- Welcome back to the season Brian McKenzie!  Over the last 5 games, BMac is 5-14 (36%) from three-point land


Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Weyinmi Efejuku – “Hey McD, mind if I stuff the stat sheet tonight? Kthnxbai”

Jeff Xavier – Only 12 points, but had 2 really clutch threes.

Deonta Vaughn – Good as advertised, with 20 points and  7 boards.  Played all 40 minutes too.

Sharaud Curry – OK, I’ll say this for the umpteenth time.  He’s back!

Geoff McDermott – Strong on the boards as usual, and even hit a nice three…but 5 turnovers.

Everyone on Cincinnati but Vaughn and Mike Williams

BOX SCORES FOR THE STATS NERDS! Boxscore Boxscore CSTV GameTracker

ROUNDUP AROUND THE WEB – “Men’s Basketball Defeats Cincinnati, 87-79”

Weyinmi Efejuku led a balanced Providence scoring attack with 18 points as the Friars extended their solid start in Big East play by holding off Cincinnati for an 87-79 win Wednesday night.

Sharaud Curry added 15 points and Jonathan Kale chipped in with 10 as Providence extended its winning streak to four. The 11-4 Friars have won seven of their last eight games and are 3-0 in the Big East for the first time since the 1988-1989 season. – “UC-Providence Rock `N Roll Party”

I asked Providence guard Weyinmi Efejuku, who led the way with 18 points (11 of 14 from the FT line), if there was some kind of hole the Friars were exploiting, or if it was just some crazy coincidence that the Bearcats have allowed their last two opponents to shoot 54 percent from the floor.

“No, we went out there and executed what we do,” he said. “They’re a tough team. They rebound the ball really well. Maybe they just had a couple tough nights defensively.” – “Friars stand their ground and turn back the Bearcats in basketball”

While beating St. John’s, DePaul and Cincinnati may not send shivers down the spines of the nine ranked squads in the conference, the Friars deserve to be perfect. – “PC barrage of 12 treys is second-best bombing this year”

Providence drained 12 3s and, more important, had six players pitch in from downtown as the offense rolled all night in an 87-79 win over Cincinnati. The 12 treys are the second-highest total of the year for PC, topped only by the 13 the Friars canned against Sacred Heart – “UC can’t finish Friars”

If the University of Cincinnati Bearcats can’t beat unranked Providence at home, how are they going to beat the nine Big East Conference teams currently ranked in the Top 25? – “Bearcats’ D is lacking”

“We scored 79 points,” Cronin said. “That should be enough to win. If we had defended, we would have won. We didn’t defend. Not that it’s easy to defend them, but I guarantee you somebody is going to do it.”

UC Bearcats Blog – “Another disappointing loss”

As Mick Cronin said the other day, no one expected UC to win at Marquette. And he was right. That loss was disappointing because the Bearcats went down with barely a whimper. But UC, even with a young team, should be able to beat Providence at home – “Bearcats Fall to Hot Shooting Friars”

“It’s fairly obvious our defense was not up to par,” said Cronin. “That being said Providence is a tough team to defend because they are a veteran team and they can shoot the ball. The back-breakers weren’t the shots, though. The backbreakers are hand check fouls and allowing them 24 second half free throws. Until we can get 5 guys on the floor who can defend, and know when it’s crunch time, we are going to continue to struggle.” – “UC’s Basketball Bearcats Struggling”

Are the Bearcats that inept? Not really. Consider the Friars are 3-0 in the Big East for the first time since the 1988-89 season and are 11-4 overall.

Boring-ass AP Article – Hey, where’s my Efejuku pronunciation?!?!

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