Keno Davis Deserves Respect on Facebook, and I’m Going To Give It To Him!

dave@friarblog —  January 9th, 2009 5:15 AM
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Apparently, some Drake fans on Facebook were none too happy that their 2007-08 Coach of the Year fled for after one season, signing a lucrative 7 year contract with the Providence Friars.

Doing a search for “Keno Davis” on Facebook will pop up some interestingly named Facebook Groups, mostly bashing the poor coach for taking a better job.

The first result (477 members) looks harmless: “Keno Davis for Coach of the Year!”.  Thankfully, this was created back in March when he was still with Drake right after taking the team to the NCAA Tournament.   At least there is one rational person who wrote:

I don’t really get why people are so upset that Keno is going somewhere else. If you all liked him so much, why don’t you support his decision?

Right on man!

There is plenty of bashing in the comments though, including a rather unattractive female:

Fuck Keno and the horse he rode in on.

Um, you?

Next result, is “Nominate Keno Davis for Traitor of the Year” (56 members).  Group description:

On the fateful day of Tuesday, April 15th, the beloved Keno Davis of Drake University made the worst decision of his life. Choosing money over heart, Keno decided to leave the bulldogs and become head coach of Providence, leaving behind thousands of disappointed fans. After leading our team to win the MVC Championship and a first-round appearance in the NCAA Tournament, he decided we were just not good enough. Keno, we are sorry that we don’t have enough money for you. Keno, we are sorry we have too much heart. Keno, we will be good next year despite you leaving. We’re sorry that you won’t be joining us on Drake’s trail to becoming a basketball superpower of the midwest. Keno Davis…epic fail.

It gets decidedly worse in the 3rd group, which has only 14 members but is called “Keno Davis is a coach-slut!”.  It features a defaced picture of Keno as the group logo (see right).  Group description:

For all those who are pissed that after one good season Keno thought he was too good for Drake! He didn’t even take a good coaching job…Who the hell is Providence? Have fun getting raped by the Big East, Keno!

Providence is a school from Rhode Island, named after a city in Rhode Island. Thanks for stopping by!

Some random dude’s comment on the wall:

fine but if ur gonna leave find a better place than the Providence Friars! seriously!

Yeah, because who wants to coach in the BIG EAST (only the greatest conference ever) when they can stay in IOWA in the MVC?!?

Oh, and their recent news?

This just in: Keno Davis is a dick!

Actually made me chuckle, but seriously I gotta better response: you’re a dick!

Anyway, I decided to start a new group in honor of Keno, since I really feel like he is taking this program in the right direction.  Since our senior class is so big, Davis has a lot of his own guys coming in next year, who will be a perfect fit for his system.  The next several years should be really exciting.

So please Friar fans with Facebook, join the group…

Superman owns a pair of KENO DAVIS pajamas

Join and get your friends to join, so this is the first search result…we need to push those other losers down.

Don’t mess with our coach!

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