NBE: From Top to Bottom

dave@friarblog —  January 9th, 2009 5:53 AM
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10) Providence (3-0) — Life for the Friars will be as “easy” as it gets in the BE. They double up with Cincinnati, Rutgers and Nova. They get Marquette, Syracuse, Notre Dame and Pitt at home. They have to go to Seton Hall, UConn, WVU, South Fla, Lou’ville and Georgetown. They could stay, with some luck and good shooting, in contention for a coveted NCAA spot. I’m thinking they can stay in the 7/8/9/ range in the BE best-case scenario. This team never showed much grit in the past — but they have some special talents in McDermott, Xavier and Curry, plus an athletic freak in Efejuku, which has Friar fans everywhere praying that it’s truly a new day under Keno. Georgetown Saturday in DC.

Interesting Stats: Averaging right around 78.5 ppg but giving up around 69.1 (15th in BE). Top three-point shooter is Weyinmi Efejuku at 38.8%.

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