Watch Marvin Barnes rant on Geoff McDermott (and his own greatness)….to Geoff McDermott’s Face

dave@friarblog —  January 13th, 2009 11:08 PM
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That’s all I can say after watching this video I just found on

Face to Face: Marvin Barnes, Geoff McDermott []

Back in the early 1970’s, Ernie DiGregorio and Marvin Barnes starred for the Providence College Friars.

Barnes was the big man who went to star in the NBA.

Recently, Barnes sat down with current Friar Geoff McDermott.

By “sat down”, I think they mean “Yelled at McDermott for 6 minutes while McDermott listened”.  Seriously, this is awesome.  Barnes basically tells McDermott to step up his game if he wants to be even as close as the winner that Barnes himself was.

So based on the first 2 minutes of this “sit down” Mr. Barnes, would you say that you were hungry and wanted to be great?

To paraphrase Marvin Barnes…

“I didn’t have video games…we didn’t go to night clubs…we played at practice, before practice, after practice we played…I lifted weights 2 hours before practice.  I ran.  Dave Gavitt ran us for like 5 hours during practice..then we would go play pickup games…we WERE SERIOUS!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  BE THE ENFORCER!”

Can you take the torch? CAN I PASS YOU THE TORCH?!?!  CAN YOU CARRY THIS TORCH?!?!

So you’re saying there is some kind of torch?

Man, I wish I saw this guy play for the Friars.

Anway, I’m not sure when this was recorded, but if THAT does not make McD play better…I don’t know what will.

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