Gotta Love Joe Hasset

dave@friarblog —  January 14th, 2009 6:12 PM
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Kevin McNamara has a really good article entitled “50 years ago, radio put Providence College on the map”.  It provides a great insight to some Providence College Basketball history.  Loved this part about Friar radio announcer Joe Hasset though:

When the headset hit the press table at Bud Walton Arena, John Rooke knew he had a problem on his hands.

Rooke was watching the Providence Friars get manhandled by the Arkansas Razorbacks back in January 1999 and as the game spun out of control, the PC radio play-by-play man could see his color partner, Joe Hassett, growing more and more frustrated with every Razorback hoop.

“Finally Joe slams his headset down and stands up and starts yelling at Mike Kitts, one of the officials,” Rooke says. “He says ‘Mike you’re horrible. You’re a Big East ref and letting this happen!’ You can hear Joe in the background as I continued calling the game. I swear to God I thought he had done it. I thought he was going to get tossed.”

Gotta love Joe’s passion for the Friars!  It’s like he’s still out there on the court!

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