Three-pointers with John Rooke (1/14/09)

dave@friarblog —  January 14th, 2009 10:47 PM
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“Three-pointers” is a quick-hit interview with notable people in FRIARTOWN on the current state of the Friars.

John Rooke, aka the “Voice of the Friars”, was kind enough to take part via email.

John Rooke is an award-winning broadcaster, currently serving in several broadcast capacities, including 20 years as the play-by-play voice for Providence College basketball; Big East Conference football and basketball play-by-play for ESPNU, ESPN Regional Television and the ISP Sports Network; stadium voice for the New England Patriots and New England Revolution; host for Inside the Big East on ESPNU and several regional sports networks and local TV stations; and talk host for the ESPN Radio Network and WEEI Radio in Boston.

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1. Can you recall the last time the Friars had a “good loss” (if there is such a thing) in a BIG EAST conference game.  Even though the Georgetown loss was a tough one they had a chance to pull out, they hung with one of the best on their own court and are still in a position to do some damage in the conference.

John Rooke: Last good loss?  None.  A loss is a loss.  I know what you mean, but I really can’t think of too many.

2. Would you like to see Randall Hanke get more minutes?  Or do you think he is just not getting it done defensively to merit more time offensively?

John Rooke: Are you asking about a personal preference?  I’m all for deserving players receiving minutes.  Randall brings so much to the table on offense, and even he knows where his deficiencies are…as long as his hands are up, on both ends of the floor, I’m all for him playing.  But he never has been, nor will he be, a 35 minute per game player.

3. Marquette has 4 guys that can just flat out score.  Assuming the Friars go man –  We know that Xavier and Brooks can really handle  their guy.  Who do you think is going to be the Providence player covering the rest of Marquette’s scorers that has the biggest impact (negative or positive) on the outcome on Saturday

John Rooke: I don’t think the Friars go man.  They may try some to switch things up, but they’ll stick with matchup zone.  It’s pretty good, actually.  They did too much standing around against G’town (even Greg Monroe mentioned that in the postgame!), but when they’re active, it causes teams to go DEEP into the shot clock.  One key for Saturday is limiting McNeal – he’s the hot hand.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see box-and-one, match-up, man, triangle-and-2…different looks to keep them guessing.  As much as the defense, rebounding must return, and PC has to hit it’s shots.

AND 1: Have you seen the Marvin Barnes / Geoff McDermott video?  What was  your reaction?

John Rooke: Yes, I saw it.  Marvin is just Marvin.  He’s still passionate.  I don’t think Geoff knew how to react!  I’m not sure I know how to react.

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