Boy, that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast!

dave@friarblog —  January 31st, 2009 11:28 PM
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“I saw that! Thabeet killed a guy! Did you throw a trident?”

That’s pretty much sums up the 2nd half of the game.   I’m pretty sure there were horses, and a man on fire at some point.

Despite keeping it close in the first half by trailing only 38-34, The Providence Friars (14-7, 6-3) got absolutely blown out in the 2nd on the way to a 94-61 loss to the #2 UCONN Huskies (20-1, 9-1).

Your 2nd half scoring? UCONN 56, PC 27.

UCONN outplayed Providence in every way imaginable.  Blocking, rebounding, outside shooting, foul shooting, not getting any fouls called on them…you name it.  Their fans even won at being most despicable unoriginal, chanting “How’s Your Father” “How’s your brother” to Weyinmi Efejuku Jeff Xavier as he was shooting foul shots on the court (his father passed away a few weeks ago his brother is an idiot).  You stay classy original Connecticut! (Oh, and if you think I’m being a hypocrit after what the fans said to Eric Devendorft, you are wrong.  That was at least true, and not going after the guys family!)

The Friars had no answer for Hasheem Thabeet inside, who had a ridiculous triple double – 15 points, 11 rebounds, 10 BLOCKS.  He really dominated on defense, as PC could not getting any inside game going.

AJ Price finally backed up his trash talking from a year ago, barely missing anything out on the court.  He finished with 19 points on 8-12 shooting, 3-4 from downtown…during the game he reached 1,000 career points.

Randall Hanke led the Friars in scoring with 14 points, although some of that was during garbage time.  There really were no other performances worth mentioning other than Kale’s 12 points, which pretty much all came in the first half. Oh, and Kale and McD both got technicals.  That was sure fun.

With the win, UCONN will move to #1 in the country after current #1 Duke lost to Wake Forest earlier in the week.

UCONN’s starters came out ready to fight today


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Thanks all who participated in the live blog!  It was fun, should do it again sometime.

Check back for a full recap tomorrow

UPDATE: Apparently the chants were directed towards Xavier and “Where’s your brother”.   If that is true, I indeed apologize for jumping the gun on what was initially reported.

UPDATE 2: I caught up with Marvin Barnes and asked what he would do to Thabeet if he was still playing

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