Payback is a B*tch [Game Recaps]

dave@friarblog —  February 1st, 2009 4:10 PM
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Keno Davis inherited two things from Tim Welsh — A veteran team chock full of seniors, and a FIRED up Connecticut team that was out for blood (and a #1 ranking) after losing 4 home games in a row to the Friars.  UCONN got their revenge (and more) by blowing out the Providence Friars 94-61.  Come Monday afternoon, the Huskies will be ranked #1 in the nation.


more on the Four Factors

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-  UCONN owned a distinct advantage in eFG thanks to the blocked shot.  As a team, UCONN finished with 17 blocks

- UCONN was extremely careful with the ball, especially in the dominant 2nd half in which they only committed 1 turnover.  The Friars were only able to get 9 points off of UCONN’s 7 overall turnovers.  Providence only committed 11 turnovers themselves (several below their season average of 14).  However, the Huskies were able to capitalize on those and scored 17 points off of them.

- Rebounding was surprisingly even overall, as were second chance points. Thabeet led the game with 7 offensive rebounds, while Hanke and McKenzie led the Friars with 4 each

- Although the graphs don’t show it, the FT advantage was definitely in favor of the Huskies throughout the game.  It seemed like UCONN got their first foul of the 2nd half 10 minutes in.  This clearly frustrated Kale and McDermott, who both got T’d up over not getting a call.  Towards the end of the game, the Friars got to the line a bunch when it was garbage time and the game had already been decided.

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For more information on advanced stats, check out Ken Pomeroy’s ‘Stats Explained’ and his ‘Stats Primer

Providence Offensive Rating by Half:

1st Half – 94.2

2nd Half – 81.8

Game: 88.4

Surprisingly, this was not the Friars’ worst offensive showing of the year.  It’s second, behind the Baylor game (73.4).

UCONN’s Offensive Rating by Half:

1st Half – 111.8

2nd Half – 160

Game: 136.2

Easily by far the best any opponent has performed this season.  By way far.  Marquette owned the highest rating this season at 119.0.  I’m pretty sure the Friars or any of their opponents ever have gotten as high as 160 in a half.  Ridiculous.

Providence Effective FG % by Half:

1st Half – 41%

2nd Half – 31%

Game: 37%

Hard to believe that the Friars shot slightly worse than they did against BC.  Still not as bad as the Baylor game (gee, that game was pretty bad, eh?) which saw PC with a 30.6 eFG%.

UCONN’s Effective FG % by Half:

1st Half – 46%

2nd Half – 55%

Game – 51%

It seemed like UCONN would have a way higher eFG% with the way A.J. Price was not missing anything, and the rest of UCONN just having their way inside.


UCONN, Points in the Paint: 44


Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Hasheem Thabeet – Triple Double, 10 blocks.  Sure, half of them were probably goaltending, but he was still dominating.

A.J. Price – Maybe you meant for your comments from last year to mean this game? Because blow out, you did. Well done A.J Price from the future.

Stanley Robinson – Uh, best story in college basketball? Did the announcer really say that?

Jonathan Kale – Nice shooting and rebounding in the first half at least

Marshon Brooks – OK, driving the lane the first few times and getting blocked is understood….but, seriously?  How many of Thabeets blocks were on him?

BOX SCORES FOR THE STATS NERDS! Boxscore Gametracker Boxscore

ESPN Boxscore

ROUNDUP AROUND THE INTERNETS – “Men’s Basketball Falls To #2 UConn, 94-61”

The Providence College men’s basketball team (14-7, 6-3) fell to #2 Connecticut (20-1, 9-1) by a score of 94-61 on Saturday, January 31 at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, Conn. Senior Randall Hanke (New York, N.Y.) led PC with 16 points and added four rebounds and two blocked shots. – “Price and Thabeet Lead Huskies to a 94-61 Victory Over Providence”

UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun
We just did a magnificent job.  We seemed to really do a better job – maybe it was my approach before the game or my approach at halftime.  I know what my approach at halftime was:  I just couldn’t believe that we weren’t up 10 or 12 points.  We were leaving points on the board.  I particularly got on Hasheem, who I didn’t think was really dominating the game – He took care of that in the second half, without question.  And he left a couple of blocks out there – a couple of times he just backed up when he could have had blocks.

ESPN Recap – “Huskies stake claim to top spot with demolition of Friars”

Thabeet tied a school record by blocking 10 shots and recorded his first career triple-double as No. 2 Connecticut staked its claim to the No. 1 spot in the nation with a 94-61 blowout over the Friars on Saturday. – “Friars fall flat, lose to UConn by 33”

As one shot after another kept flying back past their eyes, and the noise inside Gampel Pavilion filled their ears, the Providence Friars developed one big collective headache yesterday. – “For PC basketball players, a short memory seen as best remedy for loss”

The quickest way to forget a 33-point defeat is often another game, and in the Big East, big games are always just around the corner. – “Bill Reynolds: Truth is, Friars might have had this coming”

Maybe the Friars were due for yesterday.

And the second half that came right out of Basketball Hell.

Hartford Courant – “No. 2 UConn Men Step Up With 94-61 Rout Of Providence”

A.J. Price scored a game-high 19 points, including the 1,000th of his career, and Hasheem Thabeet had the seventh triple-double in UConn history as the second-ranked Huskies crushed Big East rival Providence 94-61 at Gampel Pavilion, the Huskies’ ninth consecutive victory.

Hartfort Courant – “Thabeet’s Triple Double”

By the time the final buzzer sounded Saturday on the Huskies’ 94-61 rout of Providence and public address announcer John Tuite noted Thabeet had recorded the seventh triple-double in school history, those young scholars probably had already begun breaking down video in preparation of the showdown at Louisville Monday night

Stamford Advocate – “UConn men drub Providence”

Norwich Bulletin – “UConn Men’s Basketball: Huskies decimate Providence”

AP Article

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