Sports XChange Friars Report (2/2/09)

dave@friarblog —  February 2nd, 2009 5:15 PM
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Getting Inside

Sharaud Curry had his worst shooting day in Big East play this season with a 2-13 performance against Connecticut on Saturday. The Friars lost.

In the previous game, Curry had his best shooting effort in conference play, going 8-10 against Syracuse. The Friars won in overtime.

That’s not a coincidence. Though the Friars have a lot of interchangeable parts and can mix and match the rotation based on matchups and hot hands, Curry is the guy who makes the team go. And even when he’s contributing in other ways, Providence struggles to win when he struggles to score.

But even with his ability to control the game, it seems apparent that the team needs him to score. His three worst shooting performances of the year are 2-13, 2-9 and 2-7 — the ones in the team’s three losses in Big East play.

Strategy and Personell

West Virginia is a big game for the Friars as they look to position themselves well for the second half of the Big East season. The Mountaineers have one of the league’s top shooters in Alex Ruoff and a scoring forward in Da’Sean Butler to worry about defensively, but they in turn will have to match up with the Providence shooters and particularly with Sharaud Curry at the point.

Notes, Quotes

The Friars had a brutal day from the free throw line against Connecticut, going 6-17 for a 35erformance. Jonathan Kale made both of his attempts and Randall Hanke went 2-3, meaning the rest of the team went 2-11 at the stripe.

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