Friarblog Joins CBSsport College Basketball BlogPoll

dave@friarblog —  February 2nd, 2009 5:29 PM
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I was contacted and asked to participate in a new polling system for College Basketball — The College Basketball BlogPoll.

From the email:

The BlogPoll is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a top-25 poll, a la the AP or coaches’ versions, except voted on—to borrow a phrase from PBS—by Bloggers Like You. The college football version was started in 2005 by MGoBlog’s Brian Cook and moved to CBSSports this past season, where the poll appears alongside the mainstream versions and Brian provides his weekly breakdown of the balloting. The hoops version will operate the exact same way and with Brian’s technical supervision, though I’ll be writing the editorial content.

This sounds like a cool idea, and I am definitely looking forward to casting my votes each week.  However, a few things concerns me.

1) I generally have no idea what the hell I’m talking about

2) I am a complete BIG EAST snob, in that I only really watch and follow BIG EAST games.

3) I am going to vote Providence #1 each week, and leave UCONN off the ballot.

I kid, I kid! I will be fair and honest, I promise!

The first poll will be launched on February 9th next week I think.

Question for the readers out there.  Should Providence beat Villanova on Wednesday and WVU on Saturday, they should legitimately be ranked next week, no?

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