BET Tickets Sold Out Already

dave@friarblog —  February 12th, 2009 3:10 PM
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If you want to see your team play at MSG for a couple of games, prepare to shell out a few bucks on

2009 BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Championship Sold Out

Commissioner Michael Tranghese has announced that all tickets to the 2009 BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Championship at Madison Square Garden have been sold in advance. All ticket packages for the 2009 Championship have been purchased by the 16 member schools, negating the need for a public sale at Madison Square Garden.

While the tournament has routinely been played in front of sellout crowds, this is the fourth consecutive year in which the entire Championship has been sold out in advance.

Here are the price ranges on StubHub right now

Tuesday (let’s hope we don’t have to worry about this)

Afternoon: $22 – $222

Night: $33 – $278


Afternoon: $44 – $289

Night: $70 – $750


Afternoon: $106 – $1200

Night: $169 – $2350

This sucks….I saw that as the standings are right now, our first game would be Wednesday night.  What sucks even more, is that it’s quite possible that I can only chose to go to one game due to work and stuff.  Do I sweat out the first game on TV, and shell out the big bucks for the higher round game against the better opponent?? I have to go to one game, but history tells me there is a good chance the Friars won’t make it past their first matchup.  Hopefully this year will be different.

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