CBSSports BlogPoll: Friarblog’s Week 2 Ballot

dave@friarblog —  February 16th, 2009 3:48 PM
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Friarblog participates in CBS Sportsline’s Blog Poll Top 25.  Bloggers from around the country cast their own votes each week to come up with an alternative ranking system.

Another week of college basketball, another bloodbath for a lot of last week’s top 25 teams.   Here is my new top 25.

Rank Team Delta



North Carolina


Michigan St. 3

6 Memphis 7

7 Louisville 2

8 Villanova 4

9 Marquette 1

10 Wake Forest 1

11 Clemson 5

12 Duke 5

13 Missouri 12

14 Illinois 3

15 Arizona St. 3

16 UCLA 5

17 Gonzaga 2

18 Kansas 3

19 Washington 1

20 Purdue 1

21 Xavier 7

22 Utah St.

23 Butler 7

24 Syracuse

25 Florida St.

Last week’s ballot
Dropped Out: Minnesota (#23).

Some thoughts:

  • Louisville was the only causality in the Top-5 this week.  They tried to slip one by the voters by trying to make up for their 33 point drubbing at Notre Dame earlier in the week by DeMolishing DePaul by 45 on Sunday.  Can’t fool this BIG EAST snob!  Nice try though.
  • Hmm, Villanova went up 4 spots, and they just got crushed in Morgantown on Friday night.  True, but I tend to give a pass on tough road games like that, and WV is likely a tourney team.  Can’t overlook the big victory Nova had against Marquette earlier last week.
  • Missouri up 12 spots?  They had a big win against Kansas and have won 9 out of their last 10.  Looking into their schedule and their advanced (Ken Pomeroy) stats, I probably had them too low last week.  Plus a crapload of teams above them lost, so they make the huge jump.
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