Live Blog Tomorrow Night [Announcements]

dave@friarblog —  February 17th, 2009 6:06 PM
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Just wanted to announce that there will be a LIVE BLOG (we’ll do it LIVE!) for tomorrow night’s Louisville game.  The game will be on ESPN2, so you really have NO excuse not to come by and leave witty remarks during the game — Unless your computer is not near the TV (I suggest you go buy a laptop RIGHT NOW).

The usual 10 spots for commenters with full post access will be open — first come first serve basis.  Others can read along and post comments that have to be approved.  However, if you have participated in a live blog here before (Mookie, DCFriar, Forage, and others), and plan on stopping by tomorrow: please leave a comment below and I can reserve the access beforehand.  The regulars get treated well on Friarblog!

So make sure to check back tomorrow night — After all, it’s more fun to agonize over crucial Friar games with others in real time!

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