One AP Poll Voter Actually Had Us Ranked #16 Two Weeks Ago

dave@friarblog —  February 17th, 2009 9:09 PM
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I came across this really cool site via a Louisville Blog “The Card Chronicle”.  The site is “Pollspeak

Pollspeak is a watchdog organization dedicated to keeping college sports polls (and computer-rankings) honest, or at least questioning those that seem to be flawed, uneducated or have an unreasonable bias.  Why?  Because polls affect teams’ TV exposure, finances, recruiting and national championship hopes.

Voters and pollsters must be held accountable.

It’s really cool, because you can see how each AP Voter ranks every team each week.  You can run all sorts of reports.  I checked out how the Friars fared, since they got “Other Receiving Votes” a few weeks ago.

Here is the link for how people voted for the Providence Friars in week 13 (two weeks ago).

Three people ranked the Friars in the top 25

Ron Morris – #16 
Myron P. Medcalf – #23 
Israel Gutierrez – #25

Ron Morris, from The State in Columbia, South Carolina…God Bless you.  Any chance you are in the Selection Committee?

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