Pitt Will Come to THE DUNK Ranked #1

dave@friarblog —  February 22nd, 2009 9:25 PM
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Just another reason to be afraid of DeJuan Blair and Pittsburgh

As Friar Dom noted in a previous thread, Pittsburgh will be ranked #1 on Monday after #3 UNC lost to Maryland, and #2 Oklahoma (without AA Blake Griffin) lost to Texas.  Pitt had defeated #1 UCONN last Monday. so they are the last ones standing among the top 4 teams in the nation.

Pitt Blather: So It Is Back to #1

Projo Hoops Blog: Friars to Face New #1 Pittsburgh

PC is 1-10 versus Number Ones over the years. The only win came in what many fans still call the best game ever played in Providence when the Friars shocked Michigan in the 1976 INBANK Classic.

ESPN: Weekly Watch

Pitt super forward DeJuan Blair was named Katz’s player of the week…so the only place for him to go is down right?  Right?!?


I have a ton of respect for Pittsburgh’s basketball program.  They have been continually awesome for the past 10 years it seems.  I will just always get sick to my stomach when I see them come to THE DUNK because of what they did to the Friars’ season in 2004.  With the Providence Friars ranked #12 in the nation (thanks to the help of Friarblog’s own favorite Ryan Gomes), #6 Pitt came to Providence in March for a game that meant first place in the BIG EAST.  As everyone here probably remembers, Pitt beat the living piss out of PC, and sent them on a downward spiral for the rest of the season.  The team that year just wasn’t the same after that loss, losing in the first round of the BET and first round of the NCAA’s (the last time they even made it).

Relive the magic of that game on StatSheet.com

Geez, PC was favored by 3 in that game!

Funny sidenote on that boxscore page: This game was statistically over in the  2nd half with 3:23 left to go.

Oh that could not be more wrong.


Anyway, this upcoming game will be SENIOR NIGHT for Geoff McDermott, Weyinmi Efejuku, Jeff Xavier, Randall Hanke, and Jonathan Kale.  Big wins have not been these players’ forte the last four years.  Can they show once and for all that they can pull something like this off for their last game ever at THE DUNK?

“Our regular season isn’t over yet,” said coach Keno Davis.

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