CBSSports BlogPoll: Friarblog’s Week 3 Ballot

dave@friarblog —  February 23rd, 2009 2:39 PM
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It’s Monday morning, so that means, CBS BLOGPOLL!

By the way, last week I placed #3 for the award of the week “Mr. Numb Existence”, which goes to the voter closest to the poll at large.  Um, hooray?

Here is my ballot for the week.

1 Pittsburgh 3

2 Connecticut 1

3 Oklahoma 1

4 North Carolina 1

5 Memphis 1

6 Louisville 1

7 Villanova 1

8 Michigan St. 3

9 Marquette

10 Clemson 1

11 Duke 1

12 Missouri 1

13 Wake Forest 3

14 Arizona St. 1

15 Gonzaga 2

16 Kansas 2

17 Purdue 3

18 UCLA 2

19 Washington

20 Florida St. 5

21 Louisiana St.

22 Illinois 8

23 West Virginia

24 Xavier 3

25 Utah St. 3

Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Butler (#23), Syracuse (#24).


  • Sweet, Providence is playing the #1 team in the country on Tuesday!  Kill me now.
  • I debated in my head for a few minutes whether or not to move UP Oklahoma to the #2 spot, instead of just shifting them, UCONN, and UNC all down 1 since they all lost.  Even though Oklahoma lost to Texas over the weekend, they were without their All-American superstar Blake Griffin, who missed the 2nd half due to a concussion.  You know what?  They still lost.  UCONN has been without one of their best players since last week in Jerome Dyson, and no one is feeling sorry for them.  Speaking of UCONN, I still think they are the better team, and only lost to the now #1 Pittsburgh.  They deserve to be #2.
  • 5 BIG EAST teams in the Top-10.  To my credit, I did mention that I was a BIG EAST snob before I participated in this poll.
  • Hey other BlogPoll voters….raise your hand if you considered dropping out Illinois completely out of your poll for the sole fact that they only scored 33 points in their loss to Penn State.   I had them at #14 in my poll last week, and when I started placing teams around this week, I initially left them out.  However, I realized going from 14 to out with one loss would be silly — well, unless they lost to NJIT or Bryant — or a team in the SEC!
  • The bottom 5 always seems haphazard to me, since they all keep losing every week.  When in doubt, move up a good BIG EAST team!  At least I can finally leave out Syracuse this week.
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