Upset Leftovers Links

dave@friarblog —  February 27th, 2009 1:52 AM
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Here are some more links that have been trickling in throughout the day.  Much like mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, I can’t get enough of this!  Bring on the leftovers!!

  • Joe Hassett knows PC upsets… [Pawtuckett Times]
  • …But Pitt tops the Michigan game in terms of upsets []
  • Has a great free article about the Pitt game []
  • For the past two nights, the state of Rhode Island has been the center of attention in College Hoops []
  • On the flip side, it was only *one* loss [Pittblather]
  • Forget fouls or refs, the Pitt players just didn’t bring it [Pittsburg Post-Gazette]
  • “thefriarman” has his usual excellent recap of the “Keno Davis Show” that occured Thursday night []
  • Featured Friar related Tweet: _polyana: “can i dwell on this #friars victory for another minute here, please? see video in top right corner:” [Twitter]
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