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dave@friarblog —  February 27th, 2009 4:12 PM
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So with 5 days in between the Pittsburgh upset and the Friars’ next game at Rutgers, we have a lot of time to reflect on the game — and you know what?  This kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, so I am going to keep posting stuff about it while I have the chance — at least until the weekend starts and we get into Rutgers mode.

I got a lot of amazing pictures sent to me from people who were at the game.  I combined them all into a set onto a Flickr set.

You can check out the full set here.

Thank you Tim Farrell, Joey Palermino, Sue, Xskix598, Matthew Storm (for the screen grabs), and Friars93 for your great pics!  If anyone wants to add to this collection, just send them in to friarblog-at-gmail-dot-com.

Watching the game on television, I couldn’t even imagine how fun it must have been to storm the court.  Some students and fans sent in some blurbs

Ryan Eaton

I was like the 2nd or 3rd kid on the floor and i got tackled while hugging jeff x and ended up on top of the mascot in a sandwich getting trampled for a little bit then I proceeded to get like 5 calls saying I was on TV.

Trevor Bettencourt

all i remember from rushing the court was seeing jon kale at the bottom of the pile and and then people picking up xavier it was nuts losing my hat was worth it

i still cant belive it we upset #1

Frequent commentor XskiX598 posted this right after the game

I was in that melee. My ribs are sore. An old man got run over — a good samaritian saved him from getting trampled. And it was just nuts

Even our beloved mascot Friar Dom got in the mix

The ESPN video says it all. I was one of the first ones out there, got up for two seconds, and then absolutely trampled. Aside from the five guys piled on top of me, it turned out awesome after that. I got on the scorer’s table and surveyed the madness. I bowed to the fans, thanked them, and got the crowd on the court even more loud. It was unreal.

Definitely an unbelievable night.  Thanks everyone for sharing.

Now let’s beat Rutgers and make this game even more unforgettable!

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