Friars Back to "Others Receiving Votes"

dave@friarblog —  March 2nd, 2009 7:00 PM
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Lots of news today, with the Friars getting a lot of Bubble attention, and Wey earning BE Player of the Week honors.

Also, both Rankings came out today, and the Friars got some votes once again.

Updated Rankings

AP Polll:

Others Receiving Votes
Creighton 52, Brigham Young 41, Utah 22, Saint Mary’s 13, Dayton 11, West Virginia 10, Davidson 9, Texas 9, California 8, South Carolina 7, Providence 7, Washington State 4, Arizona 3, Oklahoma State 2, Boston College 1, Rhode Island 1, American University 1, Utah State 1.

Coaches’ Poll:

Others Receiving Votes

Saint Mary’s 26, Utah State 17, Texas 15, Creighton 13, Brigham Young 12, Utah 10, Dayton 9, California 6, Providence 4, Boston College 4, West Virginia 2.


UPDATE: has the individual votes for all the AP Writers.

Here is who voted for the Friars this week

Jon Wilner (San Jose Mercury news): #21
Steve Pivovar (Omaha World-Herald): #24

Thanks you two!

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