Nova Knocks ND Off the Bubble

dave@friarblog —  March 3rd, 2009 3:43 AM
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Good News Friar fans: Notre Dame’s 77-60 loss to Villanova means they are no longer on the BIG EAST Bubble (one less team to compete with).  They pretty much have to reach the finals or win the whole BET to get an AT-Large Bid (and they are playing on Tuesday, so would have to win 4-5 games).  The home loss also drops ND’s RPI below Providence.

Bad News: Assuming Pitt takes care of Marquette at the Pete, Nova could be playing for a double-bye in the BET.  They will not be taking our game lightly.

The 6-7-8 seeds scenarios are still the same…PC still has a good shot at getting the 6th/7th.  As Merc pointed out yesterday, if PC, Syracuse, and WV all finish 10-8 (we could lose to Nova, Syracuse could lose to Marquette, and WVU could lose to Louisville), Providence would get the 6th seed in a tiebreaker.  They would play the winner of the 11/14 game (right now SHU or USF) on Wednesday night at 9PM.

Here is what we are looking at on Thursday

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