Pat Forde Chat has a few PC Mentions

dave@friarblog —  March 3rd, 2009 8:22 PM
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Tuesday 3/3/09 Chat with Pat Forde

Steve (NY): Pat- I know opinions are just that, but I am confused by some of the teams considered “in” by Lundardi (notably Penn St and Providence) with a team like Maryland as the 6th team out. What gives?

SportsNationPat Forde: (2:19 PM ET ) Steve: Joe has what he does down to a pretty fine science, most of which eludes me. But here’s what I know about those three teams in specific: Maryland won’t match their conference records. The Terps were hurt by a loss to Morgan State and that 41-point laydown at Duke, but the big wins (Michigan State, Duke, UNC) should counterbalance that — still only 7-7 though; Providence beat No. 1 Pitt and has 10 league wins; Penn State won at Michigan State and Illinois and beat Purdue as well. I think we’re splitting hairs between fairly average teams, in general.

The ACC people have their panties in a bunch over their inferiority with the BIG EAST

Tony (Charlotte): how can you compare conference win totals when big east teams play more confernce games? easy to get more wins when you play more games pat…and for the second time inthis chat the Terps did not beat duke

SportsNationPat Forde: (2:23 PM ET ) Tony: Easy to get more losses, too. Providence will have a BETTER CONFERENCE RECORD than Maryland with one more victory, no matter what the Terps do.

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