Who to Root For in the BIG EAST Games Tonight: Wednesday Edition

dave@friarblog —  March 4th, 2009 7:52 PM
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Three games on the BIG EAST slate tonight.  Nothing terribly important, but some games could have implications for the Friars.

7PM: Seton Hall at Louisville (ESPN360)

Spread: Louisville -15.5

This game isn’t too much of a big deal.  Seton Hall is currently one game ahead of Georgetown in the loss column, so they are the #11 seed.  That means if the Friars finish with the #6 seed, they could potentially play them in the 2nd round of the BET.  Louisville should win tonight, putting SHU/Gtown in a tie (SHU has the head-to-head tiebreaker).  Then it all comes down to SHU-Cincy and G’Town-DePaul to see where they get seeded.  However, I say root for SHU to pull off the upset — they can potentially move up to the RPI Top-100.

Chance of SHU win: Very low

7PM: DePaul at West Virginia (ESPN360)

Spread: WVU -22

West Virginia can get their 10th BE win tonight putting them in a tie with PC and ‘Cuse.  Root for DePaul, but don’t get your hopes up.

Chance of DePaul win: no chance in hell

7:30PM: Marquette at Pittsburgh (ESPN2)

Spread: Pitt -10.5

If Pittsburgh wins this game, Nova will need a victory over PC to secure their double-bye.  Not to say that Villanova will let up if they don’t have anything to play for, but it’s always nice for them to have less at stake.  Let’s Go Marquette!

Chance of Marquette win: low

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