Joey Brackets: Providence "Looks like an NIT team to me"

dave@friarblog —  March 6th, 2009 9:44 PM
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I can’t argue with Lunardi’s placement of Providence in his latest Bracketology

San Diego State

We all know they need to win one or two in the BET.

What bugs me are comments in his Friday Chat

Providence: Will providence make it to the tournament?

SportsNationJoe Lunardi: Hard to be optimistic after the big loss at Villanova. Looks like an NIT team to me.

Oscar, Buffalo Lick, KY: Joe, I love my Cats but how in the heck can you still have us just barly out of the March Madness after losing to a horrible Ga team?

SportsNationJoe Lunardi: Look at the teams below them, Oscar. UK is better than most, if not all, and certainly has better wins.

First of all, Buffalo Lick?

Second of all, Providence is below Kentucky.  Even though Kentucky just lost to Georgia (12-18, 3-12) on their own home court!  Not to mention they have lost 7 of their last 10.  Oh, and they are in the SEC.  Which blows.

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