Thankfully, ESPN is not on the Committee

dave@friarblog —  March 9th, 2009 8:41 PM
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As expected, lots of PC talk on regarding the bubble.  Good news is that nobody from ESPN is on the Selection Committee.  Bad news is that the general consensus of the WWL is that the Friars would need to win two games in the BET.

I wouldn’t read too much into these, but here ya go.

Joey Brackets Updated Bracketology


San Diego State Creighton Florida Miami


Davidson Maryland PROVIDENCE Temple

Bubble Watch man Mark Schlabach also fielded some PC related questions

Clifford (CT): Can Providence get in with one win in the big east tourney or do they have to beat Louisville?

SportsNationMark Schlabach: I think it would be debated for a long time by the committee if Providence won only once in New York. 10-8 finish in Big East helps, but they basically have wins over Pitt and Syracuse and that’s it. Friars had some bad road losses in the Big East and were recently blown out at home by Notre Dame. I think they’re definitely on the bubble, but it’s debatable which way it might go.
Chris ( Syracuse, NY): How Many Team from the big East will make the NCAA Tourney?

SportsNationMark Schlabach: Minimum of seven and possibly eight. Providence has the best chance of becoming the eighth team in the dance, but Georgetown, Notre Dame and Cincinnati could do it by getting to the Big East tourney championship game.
Mike (Boston): I have watched alomst all of Providences games this year and have to say that they are pretty much nothing more than ordinary. With that being said how can the committee overlook them having 10 wins in the best conference in America? Also I wouldnt say that beating Pitt and Syracuse are their only good wins. They beat Cinn 2x and also beat a solid Seton Hall team and Rhode Island.

SportsNationMark Schlabach: You give them some credit for finishing 10-6 and beating Pitt and Syracuse, but you have to look a little deeper, too. Did you realize that eight of Providence’s 10 Big East wins came against teams with losing records in Big East play, including six wins over teams that finished in the bottom five? I’m not knocking the Friars — they beat Pitt after all — but you don’t automatically get in for finishing 10-6 in the Big East. It’s also about which teams you beat to do it.

Just win baby.

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