Links 3.9.09

dave@friarblog —  March 9th, 2009 9:05 PM
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  • Tim Welsh still roots for the Friars…well you would think since he recruited them []
  • Kmac and Paul Kenyon Chat Transcript [Projo Hoops Blog]
  • Screw Lunardi, these guys claim “The most reliable and accurate NCAA predictions…and we are IN! [Bracketology101]
  • BIG EAST Regular Season Efficiency Differences….hooray for tempo free stats! [Villanova by the Numbers]
  • CBS BlogPoll is up…I can’t avoid placing in “Mr. Numb Existence” no matter how hard I try! [CBS Sportsline]
  • Pico from East Coast Bias put together a Blogger Roundtable Q and A…sadly I didn’t have time this weekend to vote [The east coast bias]
  • Debunking the Conference Tourney Myth [Card Chronicle]
  • Thabeet wins BE Defensive POY: Friar fans would agree [TheUCONNBlog]
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