Final Louisville Roundup [Game Recaps]

dave@friarblog —  March 13th, 2009 12:16 AM
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Well, not much more to say about the loss this afternoon.  Louisville was clearly the better team, and won fairly easily despite not playing their best basketball.  Here is the usual recap shenanigans.


more on the Four Factors

NCAA Basketball Stats

NCAA Basketball Stats


Possessions: 75

Efficiency Ratings

PC: 73.3

Louisville: 97.3


Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Earl Clarke – Made it look easy by scoring on high percentage shots.  Mostly wide open thunderous dunks in the face of our front-court.

Samardo Samuels – See Clarke, Earl

Weyinmi Efejuku – 17 points and 5 steals (but also gave it away 5 times)…someone on the Friars ought to get 3 bowls.

Geoff McDermott - 7 offensive rebounds and 5 blocks…too many turnovers again though.

Sharaud Curry – Swarmed on defense, couldn’t get ANYTHING going offensively

Terrence Williams – quiet on offense, but did they really need him?

Jeff Xavier – He could have scored 74 points and still gotten only 1 bowl for that 3 point shot that almost dented the backboard.  Was it a pass? An actual shot?! We may never know.



ESPN Boxscore

AROUND THE INTERWEBS Friars Fall To Louisville In Big East Quarterfinals, 73-55

If the Friars were playing anybody else Thursday, Pitino surely would have cringed.

Instead, he watched the Friars nearly match a Big East tournament record with 26 turnovers, and his fifth-ranked Louisville Cardinals eventually find their own offensive rhythm in a sloppy 73-55 quarterfinal victory. Louisville shows it is just too good for these Friars

After today’s 73-55 loss to the top-seeded Louisville Cardinals in a Big East tourney quarterfinal game, the NCAA’s selection committee owns one answer to a PC-related question already. With the notable exception of the Friars’ upset of the Panthers, this team doesn’t match up against the upper-crust Big East teams. Louisville, Connecticut and Villanova are a combined 5-0 against Providence this season. Poor shooting, too many turnovers — Friars have seen enough of Louisville

After watching the Cardinals handcuff Providence as well as any opponent all season, it’s safe to say the Friars don’t want to see Louisville again anytime soon. PC shot just 34 percent, made 2-of-17 threes and turned the ball over 26 times. The three players who handled the ball the most – Sharaud Curry, Weyinmi Efejuku and Geoff McDermott – combined for 16 turnovers.

Projo Hoops Blog: It’s over — Louisville eliminates Providence

The PC Friars have lost to the Louisville Cardinals, 73-55, in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament. The result probably ends PC’s NCAA Tournament hopes; it appears to be NIT or bust.

Projo Hoops Blog: Kevin McNamara Audio Recap

The Truth About PC Basketball: Louisville – Providence Game Log

One more thing. Digger Phelps just turned on us. He has Penn State (10-8 Big Ten) IN and us (10-8 Big East) OUT. John Saunders called him out on this, and he responded by saying, “yeah, but Providence had a weak schedule, VERY weak.” He also said “Providence didn’t play any top 4 Big East teams twice.” We played Villanova twice, jackass.

Card Chronicle: Louisville 73, Providence 55

Given all of the factors surrounding this game – Providence playing for its NCAA Tourney life, our guys maybe being a bit too juiced after accepting the championship trophy last night and playing in their first game of the tournament this afternoon, etc. – I think it’d be wise for us to take this 18-point win, rush it home, hide it somewhere where no one will ever find it and then never speak about any of this ever again.

Chicago Tribune: Top-seeded Louisville ousts Providence

After scooping up a loose ball early in the going Thursday, with absolutely no one in his sight except fans situated behind the basket, Louisville’s Terrance Williams primed for a jaw-dropping statement finish.

The All-Big East forward got the dropping part right, anyway. As Williams cocked the ball for a tomahawk dunk, it slipped from his hands and back into the mitts of Big East tournament quarterfinal opponent Providence.

New York Times: Louisville Pounds Providence in Quarterfinals

Providence (19-13) will most likely end up hosting a game in the National Invitation Tournament. The Friars do not have much of a case for an at-large bid to the tournament outside of their upset of Pittsburgh, which was No. 1 at the time.

Newsday: Louisville Takes Down Providence

Clark, a 6-9 junior, and the 6-8 Samuels were simply far too athletic and dominant inside for the Friars (19-13), who were led by senior Weyinmi Efejuku’s 17 points. Providence will now have to sweat it out until Sunday’s NCAA Tournament selection to find out if its 19 wins, including one over then-No. 1 Pitt, will be enough to get into the field of 65. Pitino back on Broadway

It always seems to come back to the Garden for Pitino. He signed with UMass here, was an assistant with the New York Knicks, then head coach at Providence when this tournament was going strong, then back to the Knicks as the head man and now bringing a team all the way from Kentucky in as this tournament’s top seed.

AP Photos


JoeRazz: I feel like the Friars are going to be in a world of hurt come Sunday afternoon.

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